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Ayurveda Massage, Consultation and Treatments in Stockholm, April –  October 2017. 
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International Ayurveda Living Research and Foundation heartily welcomes you all.

We are offering Ayurveda & yoga beach retreat in Kerala, South India, and also giving Ayurveda consultations, massages, treatments, dhara, yoga & meditation in Scandinavia, Europe and in India.
Through the first ayurveda health check up we identifying your body type / dosha, your constitution, puls diagnose, the present balanced & imbalance state of your element in the body, and correcting your diet with the help of individually designed Ayurveda vegetarian food, treatments, yoga programs  etc.
This ancient knowledge Ayurveda, gives us to correcting and maintaining our healthy life and rejuvanate our body and mind.

Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat in Kerala/ South India

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